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iPhone 3G Tips & Fixes

Debug Console

If your Safari browser is showing the “Debug Console” log you can turn it off by going to Settings / Safari / Developer / Turn Off Debug Console

Better Battery Life

If you treat the 3G network like WiFi you can greatly increase the battery life of your phone. When your not browsing the web or downloading documents turn the 3G off.   Settings / General / Network / Turn 3G On/Off

Import Contacts From Sim Card

The easy way to import your contacts.  Works with T-Mobile, Cingular & AT&T sims.

Settings / Mail Contacts & Calenders / Import Contacts From Sim


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Unlocked iPhone (Tmobile) vs iPhone 3G (AT&T). Save $882.36 a year.

T-Mobile Plan with unlocked iPhone  Total = $75.47

AT&T iPhone 3G  Total = $149.00 + fees

Savings Per Year : $882.36


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