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Fring VoIP For iPhone & iPod Touch Supports Skype

Fring has released the iPhone version of their service today as a free download in the App Store.

• VoIP (Voice) Calls over WiFi
• Instant Messaging
• Integrated dynamic contact list 
with real-time contact availability
• SIP integration
• Multiple Connection types


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Air Sharing iPhone App

There is a great free app in the iTunes App Store called Air Sharing.  This app allows you to mount your iPhone / iPod Touch as a wireless drive on your Mac,Windows or Linux computer and drag and drop files with ease.

This is a great way to transfer your files.  Air Sharing will allow you to view  documents in common formats.  I loaded some PDF,MS Word,Xcel,JPG files and they opened just fine.

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PwnageTool & QuickPwn Now Available For iPhone Firmware 2.1

The iPhone Dev Team released new versions of PwnageTool & QuickPwn this morning.  The PwnageTool will allow you to unlock and jailbreak your 1st Gen iPhone/iPod Touch and run the newest firmware 2.1.  If you have the iPhone 3G these tools will allow you to jailbreak only (for now).

(Mac OS X)

The install is pretty straight forward.  Before you run Pwnage you must download the lates 2.1firmware from Apple.  You will also need the bootloader files BL-39.bin & BL-46binPwnageTool will then create a new custom firmware.

To install your new custom firmware you must put your iPhone into DFU mode.  If your iPhone has not been Pwned use the PwnageTool to boot the phone in DFU mode.  If your iPhone has been Pwned you can boot into DFU mode by connecting your iPhone via USB connector and power it down.  Power your phone back up but hold the home button down until you see the Connect To iTunes screen or the Angry Steve Jobs screen.  iTunes will detect a iPhone/iPod in restore mode.  While clicking on the option button hold down “Option”  This will allow you to choose the Custom_Firmware_ 2.1.

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Garmin Nuvi 360 Now Works With iPhone !

Nuvi 360 : GPS SW Version 2.60 / Bluetooth Software Version 2.21

I am extremely happy to report that the Garmin Nuvi 360 now works with iPhone !  This is great timing as the new hands free law just went into effect on July 1 here in California.

To Pair

1. Enable Bluetooth on your Garmin Nuvi 360 (or any Garmin model with Bluetooth)  Settings/Bluetooth/Enable

2. Enable Bluetooth on iPhone.  Settings/General/Bluetooth/On

3.  The Nuvi will display a passcode #1234.  Enter the passcode into the iPhone.

I tested it for the better part of the day yesterday with minimal drop outs.

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Garageband – Make Your Own Custom Ringtones for iPhone. FREE !

Requires iLife 08

1. Import a song into Garageband. * This can be a song from your iTunes library, CD, or something you composed in garageband.

2.  Use the audio region editor to set your starting and ending point.  * A ringtone can be a maximum of 40 seconds.  If you don’t know how to use the arrange feature check out this tutorial http://www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/#arrangements

3.  When you have your ringtone the way you like it go to the top menu and select “Share/Send Ringtone to iTunes”  The new Ringtone will now show up in your Ringtones Library inside iTunes.  Just connect your iphone and drag it to your phone.

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Unlocked iPhone (Tmobile) vs iPhone 3G (AT&T). Save $882.36 a year.

T-Mobile Plan with unlocked iPhone  Total = $75.47

AT&T iPhone 3G  Total = $149.00 + fees

Savings Per Year : $882.36


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